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This is your source for product, pending business, licensing and appointment information regarding the expanding line of EquiTrust Life annuities.
It’s Here! DynaMARC Index Annuity, featuring a customized, multi-asset risk-controlled index … Plus, a new stacked income rider: Strategic Income Option ... available only on DynaMARC
Product & Marketing News Show All
EquiTrust Achieves “Ward’s 50” Recognition Among Top Life and Health Companies! (8/18/2016)
Rate Increase! 3% for 8 Years! Certainty Select MYGA (8/18/2016)
Enhanced Annuity Illustrations for Certainty Select and ChoiceFour! (8/10/2016)
DynaMARC Index Annuity’s Volatility-Controlled Growth In Action! (8/1/2016)
Two HOT 10-Year Index Annuities with Impressive Participation Rates! (7/29/2016)
2.5% for 5 Years … 3.0% for 10 Years! Certainty Select MYGA! (7/29/2016)
Income Rider vs Annuitization: Which is Better for Index Annuity Clients? (7/11/2016)
EquiTrust Product Portfolio WebEx Seminar Replay - Listen Now! (6/29/2016)
If you missed the June 29th Product Portfolio WebEx Seminar, Click Here for the full audio/PowerPoint presentation.
An Easy Choice for Your Fixed-Rate Clients: ChoiceFour Annuity (6/16/2016)
The SIMPLE Route to Index Annuity Sales (6/9/2016)
NEW! Client Presentation for DynaMARC Index Annuity! 3 Formats! (6/1/2016)
Competitive Rate and Commission on 5-Year MYGA! (4/27/2016)
Income For Life Stands Out From the Crowd! (4/25/2016)
DynaMARC Index Annuity and the Advantage of Participation (4/5/2016)
Excellent for IRAs! MarketBooster Index Annuity! (4/4/2016)
Client-Use Presentations Support Your Annuity Sales! (2/29/2016)
In Times of UNcertainty…Give Your Clients CERTAINTY! (2/19/2016)
NEW! Illustrations for ALL Index Annuities! Great Sales Tool! (1/11/2016)
NEW VIDEO! DynaMARC Index Annuity (10/9/2015)
Learn about the Goldman Sachs Dynamo Strategy Index; 4 minute video, CLICK HERE
DynaMARC Questions? (8/26/2015)
Get answers for DynaMARC Index Annuity,
Strategic Income Option rider and online illustrations.
Renewal Rates A Key Factor to Index Annuity Performance (9/30/2014)
Learn more about what the difference a successful history of renewal rates can make! Click Here.
Administrative Updates Show All
Revised Trust Certification Form, Effective Immediately (4/4/2016)
New Contracting Procedures for Agency Appointments (12/18/2015)
Agent-Contracting Procedures Revised (9/22/2014)
Complete Beneficiary Information on Applications In Best Interest of Clients (6/4/2014)
As a Reminder Faxed Annuity Applications NOT Accepted (5/14/2014)
State-Specific Regulations & Admin News Show All
Revised Louisiana Annuity Application (7/29/2016)
Massachusetts Agent Training Requirement (7/18/2016)
New Jersey DynaMARC Disclosure Requirement (2/18/2016)
Important Notice – Illinois Disaster Relief (1/7/2016)
California Agents: Fee Increase by CA DOI Effective 3/1/15 (12/26/2014)
FL Suitability/Replacement Forms 10-Day Rule Enforced (5/13/2014)
New EquiTrust Requirement for California Sales-Visit Notices (4/15/2014)
Required Notification for California Agents (12/2/2013)
Iowa Index CE Requirement Applies to Both Annuities and Life Insurance (11/1/2013)
Massachusetts Resident Requirements (7/26/2012)
Massachusetts residents must apply and sign for annuity contracts in the Commonwealth only.
License Requirements Regarding Securities Replacements (7/26/2012)
Applies to Arkansas, Iowa, Tennessee, Utah, & Vermont
Florida Accredited Investor Form Requirement Reminder (6/11/2012)
Three bonus index annuites require form for clients 65 and over. Clients to be contacted by phone to verify accredited certification.
Best Practices/Compliance News Show All
Louisiana Notice Regarding Producer Agencies (8/24/2016)
2016 Business Guidelines and Commitment to Ethics Document (1/5/2016)
Agents are required to review this document at least annually.
Click here for the 4-16 version.
Reminder: EquiTrust Does Not Allow Replacement of Annuities Within 3 Years of Issue (11/5/2015)

See EquiTrust Business Guidelines, page 4, for more information.

EquiTrust Advertising Guidelines (9/22/2015)
Iowa Bulletin 14-02 Regarding Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO) Advertising (10/28/2014)
Advertising Reminder: Submit All Product Advertising for Review (6/6/2014)
Whether or not the EquiTrust product or Company are identified, all product-focused ads must be submitted prior to use.
NAIC Producer Licensing Model Act Override Commissions (4/22/2014)
EquiTrust will pay override commissions to unlicensed individuals and entities under certain circumstances, and according to the Model Act. See State listing here.
Suitability of Trust-Owned Annuities (7/26/2012)
Suitability Letters to Clients (7/26/2012)
Sent to annuity applicants per Annuity Transactions Model Regulation


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