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Illustrations for DynaMARC Index Annuity! Available Now!

Customized illustrations show your prospects backtested results of DynaMARC Index accounts!

How would clients' premium have performed had they hypothetically purchased DynaMARC Index Annuity ten years ago? Now you can show them! Click Here.

All four index strategies are available for illustration!
• 2 Goldman Sachs Dynamo Strategy Index
TM Accounts
• 2 S&P 500
Index Accounts

Income Rider Illustrations, Too!

You can also add the Strategic Income Option Rider to the illustration.
• Stacked-rollup design
• 4% annual Benefit Base accumulation
• Plus index and interest credits
• Plus 10% bonus to Benefit Base for 1st year premium
• Rollup period up to 10 years

DynaMARC Index and Strategic Income Option Illustrations are easy! Take a look! To build an illustration,
click here. Login is required

One-Size-Fits-All Historical Charts
How about a pre-built historical hypothetical? Client-use flyers for the Goldman Sachs Dynamo Strategy Index options are available:
• 1-Year Point-to-Point Participation Account -
click here
• 2-Year Point-to-Point Participation Account - click here

Product Training Required
You must complete EquiTrust Annuity Product Training before presenting DynaMARC Index Annuity. Complete your training now, click here.
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