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Illinois Approves Additional Accounts for MarketPower Bonus and MarketValue Index Annuities

Additional Index Accounts Approved by Illinois for MarketPower Bonus Index and MarketValue Index!

2 Additional S&P 500 Index Accounts Available Now!

• 1-Year Monthly Cap Index Account
• 1-Year Average Participation Index Account

MarketPower Bonus Index

• 1-Year Monthly Cap Index Account Rate: 1.30%
• 1-Year Average Participation Index Account Rate: 35%
• 10% Premium Bonus
• Additional Premiums Allowed in First Year
• 10-Year Schedule (for AK, IL and OH only)
• Applicant Ages: 0-75

MarketValue Index
• 1-Year Monthly Cap Index Account Rate: 1.90%
• 1-Year Average Participation Index Account Rate: 55%
• Flexible Premium
• 10-Year Schedule
• Applicant Ages: 0-80

For more product details and other strategies available on these products, see All Product Summary;
click here.

Transition Rules
After April 7, 2016 updated Disclosures are required. Get the latest forms now on AppBuilder,
click here. All Contracts issued on or after 3/7/16 will include the two new accounts; account transfers may be processed to the new accounts on the first contract anniversary. 

Revised Sales Materials

Updated sales materials are available now on the Agent Website:
MarketPower Bonus Index Agent Guide (ET-MPP-1102)
MarketPower Bonus Index Client Brochure (ET-MPP-1100)
MarketValue Index Agent Guide (ET-EIA-1102)
MarketValue Index Client Brochure (ET-EIA-1100)

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