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Revised Disclosures for All Annuity Products, Effective April 10

Revised Disclosures for
ALL Annuity Products
Use Now...Required April 10th


As announced on March 1st, a Terminal Illness Rider has been added to all deferred annuities. The no-cost rider offers a surrender-charge-free withdrawal of up to 75% of the Accumulation Value in the event of a terminal illness. The rider is included with new contracts issued on or after March 1st, for all issue ages.

Due to the addition of the Terminal Illness Rider, all annuity product disclosures have been revised. The revised disclosures are dated 03-17.

You may use the revised disclosures immediately. Either the 03-17 or most recent versions will be accepted through April 7th.

New 03-17 disclosures will be required for all annuity applications received on or after April 10th.

While the Terminal Illness Rider does not apply in all states or to Confidence Income Annuity, the 03-17 disclosure requirement applies to all annuities in all states.

The revised disclosures are available now on AppBuilder. Be sure to replace any previously printed application packets with the revised disclosures.

EquiTrust does not offer investment advice to any individual or agent and this material should not be construed as investment advice.

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