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Index Annuity with 100% Participation! Watch 4-Minute Video

DynaMARC Index® Annuity
Multi-Asset, Risk-Controlled "Dynamo" Index!
And Stacked-Design Income Rider with Chronic Illness Doubler!

Goldman Sachs Dynamo Strategy Index
• Customized index seeks the highest risk-adjusted returns subject to a
target volatility
• Asset classes: equity, fixed income, real estate, commodities and cash

Invest 4 minutes of your time to learn about this exciting annuity and its underlying index. Click Here to Watch Video



Current Rates
• 1-Year Point-to-Point Participation (Dynamo Index): 80.00%click here
• 2-Year Point-to-Point Participation (Dynamo Index): 100.00%click here
• 1-Year Point-to-Point Index (S&P 500): 5.00%
• 1-Year Monthly Cap Index (S&P 500): 1.85%
• 1-Year Interest Account: 2.60%

Income Rider

Strategic Income Option Rider features:
• Stacked-rollup design
• 4% annual Benefit Base accumulation
• Plus index and interest credits
• Plus 10% bonus to Benefit Base for 1st year premium
• Rollup period up to 10 years
• Chronic Illness Doubler – Income withdrawals doubled for up to 5 years in event of chronic illness.

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For more information about the Goldman Sachs Dynamo Strategy Index and current index allocations, visit and enter the ticker symbol GSDYNM05.



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