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High Income For Life – Competitive Income Rider from EquiTrust

6% Compound Rollup Rate for Up to 10 Years Makes the Income For Life Rider One of the Most Competitive!

At Age 65, after 10-year rollup on $100,000*, Income For Life will pay $9,569 per year, FOR LIFE!

*MarketTwelve Bonus Index with 12% bonus, 4.75% withdrawal percentage on $201,449 Benefit Base

Combined Attributes of Income For Life Rider and EquiTrust Index Annuities Are a Competitive Pairing!
• The annual rider fee is based on the annuity's Accumulation Value, not the
Benefit Base – generally resulting in a lower cost!
See EquiTrust rollup advantage here.
• Income For Life is available for Inherited IRAs! See new client-use flyer here.
• Annuity bonuses are also applied to rider's Benefit Base!
• Spread bonuses facilitate compounding of the Benefit Base!

Income For Life is Available on All EquiTrust "Simple Series" Index Annuities

• 6.0% compound rollup rate for up to 10 years
• Income payments may start at any time after the second year and age 50
• Payments continue even if the contract's Accumulation Value is depleted
• The 0.75% rider fee is deducted from the contract's Accumulation Value

Benefit Base Doubles Over 10 Years!
The key to income-rider success is rapid growth of the Benefit Base. The linked client-flyer shows how Income For Life, when combined with MarketTwelve Bonus Index, can give your clients a 10-year cumulative growth rate of 101%. Click here.

Online illustrations show the index annuity historical growth combined with the actual Benefit Base growth and payouts! Start your illustration now, click here. Login is required.

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