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Approved in CT: ChoiceFour Annuity and DynaMARC IBR Terminal-Illness Doubler

Now Approved in Connecticut, Effective 8/1/17
• ChoiceFour Annuity
• Enhanced Income Withdrawals on DynaMARC

ChoiceFour Annuity

Traditional Single-Premium Deferred Fixed Annuity

Up to 2.60% First-Year Rate – Annual Reset
2.00% Minimum Guaranteed Interest Rate
1.50% Premium Bonus with Market Value Adjustment (MVA) Option
5.5% MGA Commission*

Four Options

1st Year Rate

Premium Bonus

Free Withdrawals

Base Contract (9 year surrender)


Interest Only

Base + MVA Option



Interest Only

Liquidity Option (6 year surrender)


10% after year 1

Liquidity + MVA Option



10% after year 1

All Options Feature
• One-Year Renewable Interest Rates
• 0-85 Issue Ages
• $10,000 minimum premium; additional premium in first year
• Nursing Home Waiver
• Terminal Illness Rider
• Full Accumulation Value at Death

ChoiceFour Sales Resources

Agent Guide
Client Brochure
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Enhanced Income Withdrawals on DynaMARC
Index Annuity

The cost of nursing care later in life can have a severe impact on retirement resources. To help your clients plan for this financial unknown, the Strategic Income Rider now features Enhanced Income Withdrawals – added at no additional cost.

If the annuity owner becomes chronically ill, the income withdrawal amounts may be doubled for up to five years; for joint owners the withdrawal amounts increase by 50%.

Additional Information
• A chronic illness is defined as the permanent inability to perform at least two of six activities of daily living, orpermanent severe cognitive impairment. 
• If utilized, the additional payments do not impact the lifetime income payments at the end of the enhanced-benefits period.
• During the Enhanced Income Withdrawals period, the chronic illness must be
  physician-certified annually.
• Enhanced Income withdrawals may be utilized
• after the annuity contract and Strategic Income Option have been in effect for 3 years,
     • if the contract has an Accumulation Value greater than zero
     • no additional premiums have been added in the last two years, and
     • the owner is a U.S. resident between the ages of 60 and 90.

Transition Rules
Enhanced Income Withdrawals will be included with all DynaMARC contracts issued with the Strategic Income Option for Connecticut clients beginning 8/1/17. A revised Disclosure Statement ET-DYN-1101CT (08-17) is available now on AppBuilder, which will be required for all Connecticut/DynaMARC sales on 9/1/17.

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