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EquiTrust Income Riders Are Available For Inherited IRAs!

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Your clients with inherited IRAs may be able to fulfill their RMD obligations with an Income Benefit Rider - available with all EquiTrust Index Annuities.An income rider guarantees income withdrawal payments for life!


Client-Use Flyer!

Powerful case example available to show your clients – Click Here.



Give your clients a personalized illustration showing the lifetime income potential and RMD fulfillment available with an income rider – Click Here. Illustration supplements are included by selecting Policy Type "Qualified" and checking box "Inherited, Stretch, Beneficiary Qualified IRA."


Four Unique Income Riders!

Each Index Annuity features a distinct income rider with competitive rollup designs.


MarketPower Bonus: 12% Benefit Base Bonus; 6.0% accumulation for up to 10 years; 1.25% annual fee.


MarketTen Bonus: 6% Benefit Base Bonus; 6.0% accumulation for up to 10 years; 1.00% annual fee.


MarketSeven: 7% Benefit Base Bonus; 7% accumulation for up to 7 years; 1.25% annual fee.


MarketValue: 10% Benefit Base Bonus; Stacked 4% accumulation plus index/interest credits for up to 10 years; 0.95% annual fee.


All Income Riders Feature

• Annual fees applied to Accumulation Value, not the fast-growing Benefit Base!

• Chronic Illness Doubler – No Confinement – Available in all approved states


RMD-Only Illustrations for Inherited IRAs

For an Inherited-IRA client, you can also illustrate RMDs pulled from the Accumulation Value of all deferred annuities.



For more information about annuity illustrations or Inherited IRA business, go to FAQs on the Quick Links menu on the home page; or click here.

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