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Share the SuiteLife! A suite of wealth-transfer, index life products which focus on differing objectives. Growth SuiteLife for accumulation … Secure SuiteLife for guarantees. UnderWRITE-NOW Processing offers point-of-sale underwriting; watch 5-minute video.
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SuiteLife Products Retiring 12/31/19 (10/15/2019)
"They’re Back! WealthMax Bonus & WealthHorizon Life! Wealth-Transfer Solutions!" Webex Seminar Replay - Listen Now! (9/26/2019)
They’re Back! WealthMax Bonus & WealthHorizon Life! Wealth-Transfer Solutions! (8/26/2019)
EquiTrust Recognized Among “Ward’s 50” for Financial Performance – Fourth Consecutive Year! (8/14/2019)
Webinar Replay - New SuiteLife Series of Life Products - Listen Now! (6/28/2019)
If you missed the Webinar, click here for the full audio/PowerPoint recorded presentation.
New Business Processing Delays for Agents Without Updated Agent Contracts (6/3/2019)
Effective June 1
Life POS Underwriting Update: Scheduled Telephone Interviews! (9/11/2018)
Client-Use Presentation Explains SPL for Wealth Transfer! New, for SuiteLife Insurance Products! (8/20/2018)
Digital Enhancements to Simplify Your EquiTrust Business (6/11/2018)
Life Underwriting - Fast & Easy! Interview with You and Your Client. UnderWRITE-NOW Processing! (5/14/2018)
New! Life-Illustration Supplements Show At-A-Glance Policy Values! (5/7/2018)
Point-of-Sale Underwriting Decisions WRITE NOW! User Tips and Resources (4/23/2018)
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Business Guidelines Updated (9/10/2019)
Agents are required to review this document at least annually. 
Click here for the 9-19 version.
Account Takeover Fraud – Protect Your Clients’ Information (8/23/2019)
Click here to learn more.
Expense Allocation Method for Illustrated Life Policies (10/1/2017)
Reminder: EquiTrust Does Not Allow Replacement of Annuities Within 3 Years of Issue (11/5/2015)

See EquiTrust Business Guidelines, page 4, for more information.

Advertising Reminder: Submit All Product Advertising for Review (6/6/2014)
Whether or not the EquiTrust product or Company are identified, all product-focused ads must be submitted prior to use.
Administrative Updates
Additional Service Forms Now Subject to Secured Access (9/3/2019)

In addition to Withdrawal/Loan/EFT forms already secured, more service-related Life and Annuity forms now require login.  

New Service Forms – Available Now; Required 1/1/20 (8/6/2019)
EquiTrust Agent Appointment Application Form Updated, Effective 8/1 (6/28/2019)
Policy Administration Form Changes – Required July 1, 2018 (5/9/2018)
Connecticut Annuity Owners Subject to State-Income-Tax Withholding on 2018 Distributions (12/20/2017)
Login Now Required to Access Forms for Withdrawal/Loan/EFT (12/19/2017)
State-Specific Regulations & Admin News
Virginia Agents: Bulletin on Adverse Underwriting Decisions (AUD) & Notifications (4/15/2015)
VA Bureau of Insurance issues Administrative Letter addressing AUD statutes. Click Here
Iowa Index CE Requirement Applies to Both Annuities and Life Insurance (11/1/2013)
Pennsylvania Illustration Requirement (1/24/2012)
Illustrations required at point of sale in Pennsylvania

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