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BRIDGE: Long-Term Care Planning Reimagined

Bringing together long-term care coverage, a science-based wellness program and a Non-Qualified fixed index annuity, Bridge allows your clients to plan for a secure, healthy future. 

Due to the Microsoft outage, access to Bridge illustrations, underwriting and applications may not be available.

70% of people turning 65 today will require some type of long-term care services,yet 90% of long-term care insurance carriers aren’t issuing new policies.2

What is Bridge?

Bridge is an innovative solution designed to help your clients achieve two primary objectives:

  • Age successfully and live independently
  • Protect and grow their assets with benefits to pay for long-term care expenses

Key Features:



Simplified Underwriting

LTC Benefits

Wellness Program

Your client chooses a Coverage Ratio to help them achieve the optimal balance between LTC benefit amount and growth of the annuity’s Accumulation Value — providing underlying product value even when the client doesn’t need LTC services. The Coverage Ratio can range between 100% of the first-year premium and a maximum determined by age and underwriting class. (See calculator tool below.)

LTC coverage is guaranteed not to lapse and there are no ongoing premium payments. LTC Benefit Base grows at 2% annually for up to 20 years or time of claim, whichever comes first. The LTC benefit amount is determined at time of claim and paid monthly for 60 months until the Benefit Base is zero – even if the Accumulation Value is depleted (assuming no withdrawals).

Underwriting for LTC coverage is quick and digital, and no one can be declined. There are three underwriting classes: Secure, Standard and Preferred. Your client can opt out of underwriting and accept Secure class, or boost their LTC benefit amount if they qualify for Standard or Preferred class. The annuity must pass suitability review.

LTC benefits are tax-free when used for qualified LTC expenses, subject to the daily IRS maximum. Payments are indemnity-based, meaning no receipts are required, and monthly payments begin once your client qualifies for benefits and the claim is approved. Annual certification is required to continue benefit payments. Your client may choose to stop benefit payments to preserve underlying annuity value and can restart based on need.

The robust, science-based NeverStopSM Wellness Program, provided in partnership with Assured Allies, offers a customized Aging Map based on individual health goals and needs, along with access to a NeverStop Ally to provide personal support. Participation can help clients potentially reduce LTC expenses, but also earn wellness credits to increase LTC coverage. Member perks include resources, offers and discounts.

What is NeverStop?

What is NeverStop?

The NeverStopSM Wellness Program by Assured Allies offers your clients access to:

  • A personal Wellness Ally
  • Member website
  • Customized Aging Map
  • Discounts on wellness/aging services
  • Wellness credits that can result in increased LTC benefit amount
  • And more!

See how it can work for your clients!

88% of adults 50-80 years of age want to age in place.3

Rates and State Approvals

Account Options Current Rate
1-Year Interest 5.00%
S&P 500 1-Year Point-to-Point Cap 10.00%
S&P 500 1-Year Point-to-Point Participation  50.00%
S&P 500 1-Year Monthly Average Participation 100.00%
Barclays Focus50 1-Year Point-to-Point Participation 150.00%
S&P MARC 5% Excess Return 1-Year Point-to-Point Participation 175.00%
Approved Not Approved



Digital Underwriting
Guaranteed Approval

Marketing Materials

Agent Materials

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Bridge Agent Guide

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Bridge Agent Underwriting Guide

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Bridge User Guide

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Maximum Bridge Coverage Ratios

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Bridge Competitive Advantages Flyer

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Bridge Prospecting & Funding Opportunities

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Bridge AV vs LTC Benefit Base Flyer

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Bridge Top Takeaways Flyer

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Case Study: Derick

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Case Study: Gerald

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Case Study: Richard & Robin

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Case Study: Janelle

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Bridge Video

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NeverStop Wellness Program Video

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Underwriting Video - client approved

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Bridge Explanation of Fees

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Bridge Higher Net Rate Flyer

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Immediate tax-free LTC benefits

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Bridge Quick Hits Agent Flyer

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LTC Annuity Sales Presentation

Client Materials

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Licensing and continuing education (CE) requirements by state

Because of the long-term care component of Bridge, most states require a health line of authority and/or continuing education in order to solicit Bridge. 

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Due to the Microsoft outage, access to Bridge illustrations, underwriting and applications may not be available.


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