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Supplements Provide At-A-Glance Guaranteed Values and Life-Expectancy Snapshot


Two life-illustration supplements help summarize some key policy components!

Power of Guarantees Supplement
A single page, client-friendly presentation shows your clients their guaranteed Return-of-Premium values, living-benefits values and death benefit values. This supplement is added automatically to all WealthMax Bonus and WealthHorizon illustrations. 

Life Expectancy Snapshot
Based on the client's age, gender and underwriting class, this supplement shows non-guaranteed Cash Surrender Value, living benefits and death benefits at the client's life-expectancy age.  This optional supplement must be elected when creating an illustration; check the box Life Expectancy Snapshot.

For more information about Life-product illustrations, go to FAQs, under Sales Tools in the top tool bar, or click here

Life-Product Illustrations are Easy!
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