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Reasons to Do Business with EquiTrust

Our Competitive Advantages are Your Selling Advantages!



Simple Product Design

Client friendly; easy to understand and explain

Annuity Product Summary

Life Product Summary

Renewal Rate Integrity and Transparency

Full renewal-rate history available on Agent Gateway website; we strive to give customers the same competitive advantages year after year

ChoiceFour Renewal Rates Flyer

MarketValue Index Renewal Rates Flyer

Premium Bonuses are Fully Vested Immediately

No waiting period or vesting schedule; premium bonuses are a permanent part of the
accumulation value

When Does a Premium Bonus Make Sense?

Broad State Approvals

Most products - including index annuities - approved in most states, including California

State Approvals

Return of Premium Guarantee

Available on two products; available day-one with no fee

MarketTen Bonus Index Annuity

WealthMax Bonus Life

Volatility-Control Index Alternatives

Two easy-to-explain, risk-controlled indices on index annuities and life products

Barclays Focus50 Index

S&P MARC 5% Excess Return

Income Rider Doubler

Available in California and other product-approved states! Index annuity income payments doubled with 2 of 6 ADLs and chronic illness – including extreme permanent cognitive impairment; payments continue after accumulation value is depleted.

Competitive Income Benefit Riders Flyer

Income Rider Fee-Calculation Advantage

Fee is calculated on the accumulation value – not the faster-growing benefit base – resulting in less cost to the client.

Remote Selling Conveniences

Face-to-face client meetings are not required, e-applications, agent mobile app, point-of-sale and remote underwriting interview on life products.

Remote Application Disclosure ET-5200

Unmatched Agent Support

The team of sales support consultants are knowledgeable, experienced, and available to take

your call.

Meet the Sales Support Team

Industry Longevity

All current annuity products have been available for over a decade

Industry Recognition

“Wards 50” for financial performance among 700 Life and Health companies.

Wards 50 Flyer