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Pre-Approved Advertising

Note: Product may not be approved in all states. Check the State Approvals / State Variations under the products tab.

EquiTrust Advertising Requirements.pdf

Pre-Approved Ads
Pre-approved advertisements may be used as they appear on the website. No other copy revisions (other than inserting your contact information and company logo) can be made without prior approval from EquiTrust. For ad-usage tracking, please send a copy of the final ad or mailer (that includes your contact information) to EquiTrust.

Agent-Created Ads
If you create your own ad featuring an EquiTrust product – whether a fully disclosed ad with product name and issuer identified, or a “blind ad” with product name and issuer not identified – the ad must be submitted to EquiTrust for review prior to use. Include how the ad will be distributed (e.g., name of publication), states in which it will be distributed, and date of distribution.

Send Ads To:
       Email:  [email protected] or [email protected]

       Standard Mail:
       Attn:  Sara Prehm / Susan Andersen
       7100 Westown Pkwy Suite 200
       West Des Moines, IA 50266-2521

       FAX: 515-226-5100

If you have any advertising questions, please contact:

       Sara Prehm, Marketing Content Manager
       Email: [email protected]

       Phone: 515-259-3784

       Toll free: 866-598-3694, ext 3784


       Susan Andersen, Assistant Vice President of Marketing 
       Email: [email protected]

       Phone: 515-226-5146

       Toll free: 866-598-3694, ext 5146


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