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Interest Rates

2024 Minimum Guaranteed Rates

For contracts issued 1/1/24 - 12/31/24

  Minimum Guaranteed
Interest Rate
Minimum Guaranteed
Contract Rate
Certainty Select 1.00% 3.00% (87.5% prem)
ChoiceFour 3.00% 3.00% (100% prem – S/C)
MarketPower Bonus Index 1.00% 3.00% (87.5% prem)
MarketTen Bonus Index 1.00% 3.00% (100% prem – S/C)
MarketValue Index 1.00% 3.00% (87.5% prem)
MarketSeven Index 1.00% 3.00% (87.5% prem)
MarketFive Index 1.00% 3.00% (87.5% prem)
MarketForce Bonus Index 1.00% 3.00% (87.5% prem)
MarketMax Index 1.00% 3.00% (87.5% prem)
Bridge 1.00% 3.00% (87.5% prem less LTC Rider charges)



Contracts carry minimum guaranteed rates at two levels:

  • The Minimum Guaranteed Interest Rate (MGIR) represents the minimum annual credited rate that can be declared on Certainty Select, ChoiceFour and the Fixed Account on the FIAs. The renewal rate on each of these products/accounts can never be less than the MGIR.
  • The Minimum Guaranteed Contract Rate (MGCR) is the rate associated with the minimum cash value floor, which is often referred to as the Minimum Guaranteed Contract Value (MGCV) or the SNFL (Standard Nonforfeiture Law) floor. If a client surrenders their contract, the surrender value can never be less than this amount.

EquiTrust has adopted use of the Model Index Standard Nonforfeiture law in all states that have adopted the new NAIC Model. The Model Index allows the company to reset minimum guaranteed rates once per calendar year. For EquiTrust, resetting of the minimum guaranteed rates will take place each January 1. 

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