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"Fee" is NOT a four-letter word!

The potential growth advantage may FAR exceed the fee!

Offer your accumulation-focused clients the higher growth potential of Rate Buy-Up Accounts. Impressive cap and participation rates are available in exchange for an annual fee on the allocations to Rate Buy-Up Accounts, plus the EquiTrust commitment to renewal rate integrity.

MarketForce Bonus Index Annuity

  • 8% Premium Bonus
  • Single Premium
  • Buy-Up Account Annual Fee: 1.5%
  • High Current Rates

MarketMax Index Annuity

  • Flexible Premium
  • Buy-Up Account Annual Fee: 1.0%
  • Even HIGHER Current Rates

Both Products Feature:

  • 10-Year Design
  • 4 Rate Buy-Up Accounts, 2 No-Fee Index Accounts, 1-Year Interest Account
  • Risk-Control Indices
  • Issue Ages 0-80
  • 10% Free Withdrawals After First Year
  • Nursing Home Waiver and Terminal Illness Rider

Competitive Advantages for EquiTrust Rate Buy-Up Products

  • Annual fee will not increase for the life of the contract – guaranteed
  • Point-to-Point Participation illustrated rates are among the highest in the industry
  • In a declining or zero-growth environment, MarketForce Bonus Index 8% premium bonus can offset the annual fee – for up to five years
  • Full premium bonus up to issue age 80 (and full agent compensation to issue age 80, too!)
  • Simplify with four buy-up and two no-fee accounts
  • Renewal rate integrity – See full renewal rate history on the EquiTrust Agent Gateway Website.
  • 10% free withdrawals after first year
  • Nursing Home Waiver and Terminal Illness Rider


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