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Limited-Time Income Rider Rollup Rate Increase! 

9% Compounded on the Benefit Base Value for:

  • MarketPower Bonus Index
  • MarketTen Bonus Index

Applications must be received at EquiTrust office June 22nd – August 31st to receive the 9% Rollup Rate!

When your clients seek accumulation now and income later, consider MarketPower Bonus and MarketTen Bonus Index Annuities. Special limited-time rollup rate is a whopping 9% for up to 10 years. Plus, the 10% Premium Bonus on MarketPower, and 6% Premium Bonus on MarketTen are applied to the Income Benefit Base.

Income Rider Competitive Advantages

  • Calculation Edge – the rider fee is based on the Accumulation Value – not the faster-growing Benefit Base as is typical with most carriers.
  • Chronic-Illness Doubler – rider payments may be doubled for up to 5 years due to chronic illness (up to 50% for joint owners); included at no additional cost, even if the Accumulation Value is depleted.
  • Spousal Continuation – upon death of owner taking a single life payout, income is recalculated and continues for the life of the spouse even if Accumulation Value is depleted.
  • Crediting – Rollup Rate is compounded rather than simple.
  • Flexibility – Client chooses Single or Joint payout when payments are started, not at time of purchase. Joint income payout is available on single-owner contracts.
  • Income rider is available for Inherited and Stretch IRAs.

View Printable Income-Rider Flyer – Click Here

Special Income Rider rollup rate applies to applications received June 22, 2022 – August 31, 2022; not available for pending applications received before June 22, 2022.  

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