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Newswire: Reminder! Updated agent contracting paperwork required

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We recently notified you that an updated and newly signed agent contract is required. It's easy to sign via the DocuSign process. Below, you'll find answers to a few questions we've received about the contract and the signing process.

What is different about the updated agent contract?

The new contract includes:

  • Increased data security measures
  • Addition of HIPAA Business Associate Addendum for the Bridge® long-term care/fixed index annuity product
  • Our Business Guidelines as an addendum
  • Opt-in election for EquiTrust communications
  • Future ability to assign commissions

How can I identify the DocuSign email in my inbox?

The email sender is EquiTrust, and the subject line is "ACTION NEEDED: Please sign your updated EquiTrust agent contract," and it will include your name or the name of your entity.

How does the signing process work?

It’s easy, and completed through DocuSign. The DocuSign email is sent to only one email address we have on file for the agent or entity.


The DocuSign email contains the new contract and allows you to sign digitally and return directly to us with the click of a button! 

  • Click the button inside to access your contract; the signing process is through DocuSign, not available on the Agent Gateway, To sign, click the DocuSign button.
  • Review the contract, then follow directions to sign it electronically via DocuSign.
  • Download or print the contract for your records.
  • You’ll be asked to verify your contact information.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to confirm the pre-populated details or provide updates through the DocuSign process at the same time as you sign the new contract.

Do I have to wait for updates to my contact information before I sign the contract?

No, there's no need to wait. You can update your contact information (if necessary) and sign your contract directly through the DocuSign process in one single visit.


What if I inadvertently deleted the DocuSign email or I haven't signed yet?

You'll continue to receive reminders, and your marketing organization may reach out to you, Your personalized link to the DocuSign process for your contract will continue to work as long as you don't decline the contract.


What if I decline the contract?

We'd love for you to continue to do business with us. If you decline the contract, we'll check in with you to ensure you meant to do so.

Important note: The new contract is required to be signed by all active agents and entities. Failure to do so may result in delays in new business processing, and ultimately could result in termination of your EquiTrust contract.

More details

  • The contract represents an agreement between you as the agent/agency and EquiTrust.

  • It designates EquiTrust as the payer of commissions responsible for commission schedules, chargebacks, collections, tax reporting and Vector reporting.

  • Commission schedules are available on the Agent Gateway, with notice of updates communicated via email. 

  • Privacy obligations relative to client information are defined.


Questions? Call Agency Administration at 866-598-3692.

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