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Many cash-with-applications face delays due to an oversight on the application form.  Avoid the hassle of providing additional information...and the resulting delays. 

Here are the three most common application oversights:

Not Completing.....

1. Section G: "Existing Coverage/Replacement."
  This section simply asks the applicants if they own other life insurance or annuities, and if this sale is replacing a life or annuity policy.  If the boxes aren't checked, the contract won't be issued.

2. Section J: "Producer Certificate -- Existing Insurance/Replacement Transactions."  This section asks you, the agent, if you are aware of any other existing life and annuity not disclosed in Section G.  No response means no contract issue.  If you answer "Yes," the "Please Explain" line must be filled in or the contract will not be issued.  

3. The Correct Disclosure Form.  Each product has its own Disclosure Form.  If the product name written at the top of the application doesn't match the enclosed Disclosure Form, the contract will not be issued.  Take special note of the "Plus" Disclosure Forms.  "Plus" distinguishes states that have approved the new Two-Year Averaging Account from those which haven't.  At this point, most states have approved the Plus product.  Check "State Approvals" to see if "Plus" appears next to your state...then be sure the "Plus" Disclosure Form is signed.

Please call Sales Support if you have any questions, at 866-598-3694.

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