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Nursing Home Waiver Available

In Massachusetts
With Certainty Select and ChoiceFour Annuities



Massachusetts clients who purchase Certainty Select or ChoiceFour annuities will automatically receive the Nursing Home Waiver (NHW).


This applies to contracts issued on or after 4/1/19 with applicant ages 0-80.


If the contract owner is confined to a nursing home or hospital for 90 days or more, the contract accumulation value will be available without surrender charges or market value adjustment, beginning in the second contract year and during the owner’s confinement.


Revised Disclosure Statements – dated 04-19 – are available now on AppBuilder and E-Apps.


Sales materials have been revised to reflect this change. Printed supplies are available at the Order Supplies link, and PDFs are linked below:

Certainty Select Agent Guide

Certainty Select Client Brochure

ChoiceFour Agent Guide

ChoiceFour Client Brochure


Simple, Client-Friendly Fixed-Rate, Deferred Annuities

Certainty Select – Multi-Year Guarantee Annuity

5 Guarantee Periods: 3, 5, 6, 8 and 10 years

Issue ages: 0-90

Minimum premium: $10,000

Free cumulative interest

Contract renewed for original period if no action taken 30 days prior to expiration

Terminal Illness Rider – all issue ages

MGA Commission through age 80: 3% (5, 6, 8, and 10 years); 2% (3 years)

Renewal Commission: 1%


ChoiceFour – Traditional Annual-Reset Annuity

Issue ages: 0-85

Minimum premium: $10,000

Base Contract – 9 years

MVA Option – 9 years + 1.5% premium bonus

Liquidity Option – 6 years + 10% free withdrawals

Both Options – 6 years + 1.5% premium bonus + 10% free withdrawals

Terminal Illness Rider – all applicant ages

MGA Commission through age 80: 5.5%


For current rates, click here.

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