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Additional Information on Suitability-Confirmation Calls – Client-Use Flyer

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Suitability-Confirmation Calls

Helpful Client-Use Flyer



Recently, EquiTrust announced it will begin phone calls to a sampling of randomly selected annuity applicants. The best-practice program – which is driven by insurance rules and regulations – is intended to confirm customers' understanding of their annuity purchases. We appreciate the thoughtful feedback received, and are pleased to release a client-use flyer to build awareness of the call program. 


Client-Use Flyer

To prepare your clients in the event they receive calls, a flyer is available describing the program and the nature of the calls. We encourage you to discuss the call program and provide the flyer to all annuity applicants. In addition, the flyer will be included with annuity application packets, on both AppBuilder and E-App platforms.


To view and print the flyer, click here.


The Process

During application processing, a sampling of new applicants of all ages will be contacted by phone. The calls will take a few minutes and will cover basic annuity attributes. To protect your clients' personal information, only the date of birth and last four digits of your client's Social Security number will be requested for identification purposes.


Call Discussion Topics

Each call is intended to confirm the client's comprehension of a variety of annuity topics, such as:

• Type of product purchased

• Length of surrender-charge period

• Liquidity provisions

• Source of funds used for the purchase

• Financial Needs Analysis completed at the time of sale


Unanswered Calls

For calls that go unanswered, the calling representative will leave a message requesting a call back, and may call again for unreturned calls. In order to expedite the contract-issue process, please encourage your clients – if called – to engage in the call.

Annuity Suitability Agent User Guide

For more information on the EquiTrust suitability-review process and proper use of the Financial Needs Analysis form, refer to the Annuity Suitability Agent User Guide. Information about suitability-confirmation calls is provided under "Suitability Calls," on page 3.


To view and print the Annuity Suitability Agent User Guide, click here


If you have questions or constructive comments on the Suitability Confirmation Calls program, call Sales Support
at 866-598-3694


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