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Money Laundering and Criminal Enforcement

This week EquiTrust celebrates national Corporate Compliance & Ethics week.  The them is, “Awareness. Recognition. Reinforcement.”  Be informed on the crime of money laundering and criminal enforcement.
Money laundering has been considered a crime in the United States since 1986. The US was one of the first countries to criminalize money laundering conduct. 

The following are money-laundering red flags:
• Unusual payment methods, such as cash, cash equivalents (when such a usage of cash or cash equivalents is, in fact, unusual), or structured monetary instruments;
• Client is unable to provide appropriate identification or an appropriate address;
• Early termination of a product (including during the “free look” period), especially at a cost to the client, or where payment is made by, or the refund check is directed to, an apparently unrelated third party;
• The transfer of the benefit of an insurance product to an apparently unrelated third party.

Pursuant to EquiTrust Business Guidelines, EquiTrust is committed to compliance with the letter and spirit of all legal requirements applicable to our business and to the ethical standards of conduct.  We highly encourage you to conduct these same high standards.


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