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APRIL MONTHLY OVERVIEW: Updates, Recaps and Department News


April 2020

Remote Sales


Product Sales When Face-to-Face Meetings Aren't An Option – Remote Application Disclosure Form

Selling EquiTrust annuity and life products by phone or by video messaging is enabled with the Remote Application Disclosure form. For remote-sales procedures, click here.


Life-Product Telephone Underwriting Interviews Conducted Remotely

The telephone underwriting interview may be conducted from separate locations. After the application is completed, follow these revised steps for the telephone interview, click here.


Have You Seen These Exciting Rates?


3.0% on 5-Year MYGA! Certainty Select Annuity

3.0% First Year + 1.5% Premium Bonus! ChoiceFour Annual-Reset Annuity!

165% Point-to-Point Participation Rate! WealthHorizon Single-Premium Life!

Annuity All Product Summary

Life All Product Summary


1% Commission Increase!


Annuities and Life Products – Limited-Time Offer

1% Commission Increase on Index Annuities, ChoiceFour Annuity and Single Premium Life Products. No threshold, no hurdle, no waiting period. Applies to applications received through June 1, 2020. Commission increase excludes Certainty Select and Confidence Income Annuities.


News Briefs



CARES Act Response

  • In response to the recently passed CARES Act legislation,
    EquiTrust will accept instructions to suspend 2020 RMDs by the following means:
    • By phone: contract owner may contact Customer Service at 866-598-3692 to complete this request, or
    • Letter of instruction – signed by the contract owner: advise the owner to also include direction on whether 2021 RMD payments should be restarted in order to avoid missing future payments.
  • Contract owners may also return 2020 RMD payments they already received.
    • Make certain the received distribution was for a 2020 RMD. Return the exact RMD amount via check, along with a letter of instruction signed by the client, requesting the 2020 RMD funds be re-applied to the contract. Advise the owner to also include direction on whether 2021 RMD payments should be restarted in order to avoid missing future payments.

Sales and Marketing

Agent Gateway Website Coming Soon!

After many months of development, the website you turn to for all your EquiTrust business will soon be better than ever! New look, improved navigation, more information! The web address will not change, nor your login credentials. Stay tuned!



Agency Entity Certification Form – Supporting Documents Needed

When completing the Entity Certification and Indemnification Agreement for contracting an Agency, please use the current version of the form dated 01/20. Also, supporting documents are required as listed in section 3 of the form. To view the Entity Certification and Indemnification Agreement (ET-AGT-ENTITY-3503), click here



Hierarchy Changes and New Business Applications

When requesting a hierarchy change, new business applications should not be submitted until the hierarchy change has been completed. New business applications received before the hierarchy change is received in good order may require a release from the agent’s current upline.


New Business

Reminder: Third-Party Cashier's Checks Not Accepted

EquiTrust does not accept cashier’s checks made payable to the client and endorsed over to EquiTrust. Cashier’s checks must be made payable to EquiTrust. Read More: Business Guidelines, pages 16-17.


New Business

Source of Funds Detail Needed for New Business Financial Needs Analysis 

For the Source of Funds question on the Financial Needs Analysis form, please provide the financial vehicle the funds are in currently, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuity, checking account, etc. Answers such as IRA, inheritance, death claim or gift do not provide the financial vehicle information needed. Also, if the funds were obtained from an annuity or life insurance policy which was lapsed, forfeited, surrendered, partially surrendered or otherwise liquidated within the past 4 months, this must be disclosed and corresponding replacement forms are required. Contact: Sales Support or New Business. Read More.


New Business

Forms on iPipeline Not Available Beginning June 30

If you build application packets on the iPipeline platform, EquiTrust forms will no longer be available for downloading and printing. Alternative resources include AppBuilder (print/PDF) on the Agent Website, or E-App (electronic).


Products underwritten and issued by EquiTrust Life Insurance Company, West Des Moines, Iowa. Products distributed by EquiTrust Insurance Marketing Services; in California doing business as EQT Insurance Marketing Services.




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