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Can a Participation Index Strategy Match or Exceed the S&P 500®? When Measured Over Several Years...
Yes, It Can!



Client-Use Flyer Reveals the Facts!

MarketValue Index Mathemagic Flyer – click here

MarketSeven Index Mathemagic Flyer – click here


Index annuity owners enjoy the benefits of index-linked growth when stock prices rise, and value stability when stocks fall.


They also understand that this advantage comes at a cost – in the form of an adjustment to the index's actual growth – often in the form of a participation rate.


While earning 50% or less of the upside may seem like a modest portion in exchange for downside protection, consider that actual performance may match – or exceed – the index results when measured over several years.


Why? Because the years in which the index produces negative results have no impact on annuity values.


S&P 500® Index vs. Participation Index Account

at 50% and 43% Annualized Performance 1994-2018*



Performance EQUAL TO or GREATER than the S&P 500® when measured in 10-year increments over the past 25 years, with DOWNSIDE PROTECTION!


MarketValue Index and MarketSeven Index with Attention-Grabbing Rates! Click here.

• Flexible Premium

• Nursing Home Waiver

• Terminal Illness Rider

• 10% Free Withdrawals after 1st Contract Year

• Optional Income Rider with Chronic Illness Doubler*

• Competitive Commissions





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