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EquiTrust Insurance Marketing

Services to Launch in 2019



To enhance our sales support and administrative services and better assist your sales processes, EquiTrust has created EquiTrust Insurance Marketing Services (EIMS). EIMS is an affiliated and licensed insurance agency devoted exclusively to agent-related administrative and sales-support functions.


In addition to outstanding sales and administrative support, benefits to you also include:

• Marketing initiatives, including a valued-agent program

• More flexibility around commission options including trail and semi-heaped commissions

• Technology enhancements including a new client portal and redesigned agent website, all

coming soon


Effective January 1, 2019, all agent-contracting, commission-payment and sales-support functions will be performed by EIMS. An updated EquiTrust Agent Contract must be signed with EquiTrust Insurance Marketing Services by February 28, 2019.

To continue doing business with EquiTrust and avoid delays or interruptions, please be prepared to update your EquiTrust Agent Contract at your earliest convenience. Another email message from EquiTrust will be sent to you within the next few days, allowing you to view and sign electronically the updated Agent Contract. Details for electronic signature and contract submission will be provided in the next email. As always, our representatives will be available to assist you or answer any questions.


“What Happens After January 1st?”

Updated Contract Signed and Submitted – If you have signed the updated Agent Contract,
no additional action is necessary. Your business will process normally and information access
will be seamless.

Updated Contract Not Submitted – To facilitate a smooth transition, if you have not signed
the agreement and submit business in 2019, the business will process normally and
commissions will be paid. A signed updated Agent Contract will be a requirement after
February 28th. Pleasenote that in accordance to the terms of your existing Agent Contract and
EquiTrust’s right to amend the agreement, the terms and conditions of the updated Agent
Contract will apply to all insurance and annuity contracts issued on or after January 1, 2019.


“What Isn’t Changing?”

• Sales Support Specialists who know EquiTrust products and understand your business and
your clients’ needs

• EquiTrust’s commitment to competitive, client friendly products – exciting announcement
coming soon

• Ongoing upgrades to existing resources, including agent-contracting support, EquiTrust
Agent App and E-Apps

• Access to exciting campaigns, like travel incentives and commission specials


For Licensed-Only Agents, Agents With No Sales in Last Two Years, and
Prospective Agents

While we encourage all EquiTrust agents to sign an updated Agent Contract, this communication is limited to marketing organizations and to agents with submitted business in the last two years. We will reach out to all EquiTrust agents in this regard at a later date. If you have EquiTrust agents in your office or hierarchy who did not receive this communication, or have prospective agents interested in contracting with EquiTrust, feel free to let them know that additional communications will be directed to them soon.

Licensed-Only Agents – no action is needed. LO Agent Contracts are not impacted.

Prospective Agents and Current Agents with No EquiTrust Products Sold in Last Two
Years – must submit by mail or fax an Agent Contract, Agent Appointment Application, and
appropriate new-agent documents. The updated Agent Contract is available now on at the “How To…” Quick Link.


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