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Improved Annuity Application for California, Required April 15


Improved Annuity Application Form 

Approved in California


Required April 15, 2020



The improved Annuity Application – which applied to most states in the 3/3/20 announcement – now applies to California. The new 08-19 application is available now on AppBuilder and E-App. If you have preprinted application packets for California, please replace them.


Transition Rules

The application – ET-APP(08-19) – is required for California annuity applications received beginning April 15. For applications received between now and April 14, either the new 08-19 application or the current 12-16 application are accepted.


Reminder – Revised Disclosures

The new risk-control indices – announced and available April 1 – are subject to revised Disclosure Statements dated 04-20, which are on AppBuilder and E-App now. The 04-20 Disclosure Statements are required beginning April 15, 2020. 

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