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Rollup formula is key to an income rider's success


How does the MarketValue Index income rider stack up?


Income Benefit Rider rollup designs vary and evolve quickly. Index annuity carriers strive to differentiate their income riders with attention grabbing rollup formulas.


A rollup strategy garnering attention recently utilizes a "multiplier" – where the rollup is based on the annuity contract's annual credited rate, multiplied by a factor – commonly 200%.


Sounds impressive...but how does it compare to the MarketValue Index Income Rider?


The MarketValue Benefit Base rollup – which includes a 10% bonus on first-year premium, compounded at 4% plus credited rates – beats a 200% multiplier + 10% bonus for most index strategies during strong index periods...and for all index strategies during weak index periods.



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Competitive Rates...Competitive Income Rider

MarketValue Index is an accumulation-focused 10-year index annuity featuring competitive cap and participation rates, Benefit Base rollup, and Income Rider payout factors. The income rider also features a chronic-illness doubler!



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