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The EquiTrust UnderWRITE-NOW point-of-sale-processing helps you run your business more efficiently. After you complete the application and pre-qualification questions, a point-of-sale interview (including MIB and prescription drug database check) will result in an underwriting decision by the end of the interview in most cases!


UnderWRITE-NOW processing offers valuable benefits for your life-product sales, including
• Immediate underwriting decisions for most sales – no down-time!
• Policies are issued and commissions paid sooner


New Process: Scheduled Telephone Interviews
If the sale and application are completed in person after ESP business hours or at a time that doesn't accommodate the telephone interview, you may schedule a subsequent time/date for ESP to call you and your client for the interview. In such cases, you are not required to be present with your client during the interview. See Underwriting Guidelines for more details.


Helpful Reminders
Complete Telephone Interview Before Submitting Application
Life applications will not be processed without a completed telephone underwriting interview. Most calls to ESP during business hours are answered by an underwriting specialist. However, if your interview call goes to voicemail, leave a message – rather than redialing the ESP phone number. Calls are returned within 10 minutes in most cases.


Information Provided in the Interview Must Match Application Information
During application processing, EquiTrust will compare application content to information provided in the phone interview. Avoid processing delays by assuring that you and your client provide consistent information on the application and during the interview. For example, the height and weight on the application must match the numbers provided in the interview.


Client Preparation Helps Minimize The Length of the Telephone Interview
In most cases, telephone interviews take 15-20 minutes. If your client isn't properly prepared, interviews may run longer. Your client should have available:

• the names and addresses for all physicians
• dates of physician and facility visits
• current medications and dosages
• details of injuries, conditions and illnesses



Watch 5-Minute Video on UnderWRITE-NOW Processing

Underwriting Guidelines

Life FAQs

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