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New Business Processing Delays for Agents Without Updated Agent Contracts

Effective June 1 


 In recent months, we have reached out to all agents regarding the requirement to sign Updated Agent Contracts in order to continue doing business with EquiTrust.


 Effective June 1, any agent who submits new business without an Updated Agent Contract will be subject to business-processing delays.


 Any submitted new business will be closed if an Updated Agent Contract is not received from the selling agent within 30 days of notification from EquiTrust.


 Business received before June 1 from any agent without an Updated Agent Contract on file will be processed, but may incur a short (1-2 day) delay. Any business received on or after June 1 will be subject to the new requirement described above.


 The Updated Agent Contract is available at at the "How To" link. Or click here.


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