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NEWSWIRE: Idaho Product Changes for Four Annuities, Effective 7/1/20


Idaho Product Changes For

MarketPower Bonus Index, MarketValue Index,
Certainty Select and ChoiceFour


Effective 7/1/20 


MarketPower Bonus Index - Changing to a 10-Year Surrender Period, Lower Surrender Charges and Reduced Commissions


Idaho regulatory changes for annuity products will go into effect on 7/1/20, and will impact four EquiTrust annuities. Idaho joins a number of states which previously implemented requirements on surrender-charge periods and percentages. 


MarketPower Bonus Index is impacted with a surrender period, surrender charge and commission variation. MarketValue Index, Certainty Select and ChoiceFour annuities will transition to reduced surrender charges for Idaho buyers.  


Form Changes:

• Revised Disclosures for all impacted products

• Buyer’s Guide now required to be provided to client at time of application

• Revised Disclosure and Comparison forms for two impacted index annuities


Revised forms will be updated and added to the website and FireLight on 7/1/20



Revised Disclosure Statements dated 07-20 will be available for Idaho applications of impacted products on 7/1/20.


Revised Disclosure Statements are required beginning 8/1/20.


MarketPower Bonus Index contracts for Idaho clients issued 7/1/20 or later will have a 10-year surrender schedule and lower surrender charges. To receive the higher commission on MarketPower Bonus contracts, applications must be received at EquiTrust on or before 6/30/20; no exceptions will be made.


Revised Commission Schedules

The impact of the MarketPower Bonus Index commission variation is reflected on revised commission schedules which will be available 7/1/2020 on the Agent Gateway Website. To access your commission schedule beginning 7/1/20, go to and click Agent Administration in the tool bar, then Commission Schedule; login is required.


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