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Newswire: Income Benefit Riders get an upgrade

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Optional IBRs can help clients boost future income over time

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One way clients can secure guaranteed income for life is through a fixed index annuity (FIA) that offers an Income Benefit Rider (IBR). Several EquiTrust FIAs feature an IBR that pays lifetime income even if the contract's Accumulation Value is depleted.


IBR enhancements
We’ve increased rollup rates and withdrawal percentages on our FIAs that have an IBR.



New rollup rate

Change to single income withdrawal %

MarketPower Bonus Index®

7% for 10 years
(previously 6%)

+1.75% for all ages

(e.g., 5.25% age 65)

MarketTen Bonus Index®

7% for 10 years
(previously 5%)

+2.00% for all ages

(e.g., 5.50% age 65)

MarketValue Index®

3% + credits for 10 years
(no change)

+0.75% for all ages

(e.g., 4.75% age 65)

MarketSeven Index®

7% for 7 years
(no change)

+2.00% for all ages

(e.g., 6.05% age 65)

Begin using new forms and materials now

As of today, Apr. 4, 2023, please begin using revised product disclosures, as well as disclosure and comparison (D&C) forms. AppBuilder and Firelight on the Agent Gateway have been updated with the new versions. The updated versions will be required on May 1, 2023.


We've also updated agent guides, client brochures and specimen contracts. These are available on the Agent Gateway under Forms & Supplies > Forms. In the dropdown menu, select "Agent Guide," "Marketing and Sales” or “Specimen Contracts.”

Get more specifics

Visit the Agent Gateway to get the full story about the competitive IBR features available on each of these products.


Would you like to discuss how these updates can benefit your clients?
Call us at (866) 598-3694.

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