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Newswire: New feature! View RMD information on the Agent Gateway

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Use the latest enhancement to the Agent Gateway as an opportunity to check in with clients

We’ve added a new enhancement to the Agent Gateway — the ability to easily view your clients’ Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) status. And it offers you the perfect opportunity to reach out to clients soon!

What’s available with the RMD enhancement?

Put the RMD enhancement to work for you by logging in to the Agent Gateway, then clicking “Active Business.”

  • Two new columns have been added to the table
    • RMD Required — shows “Y” if the client is of RMD age
    • RMD Scheduled Date — shows if the client has scheduled their RMD (if the client has already taken this year’s RMD, the Scheduled Date shown will be for next year)
  • “Scheduled Distribution” tab in contract details
    • Shows more details about a client’s RMD requirements, including whether they’re fulfilling the requirement via another method

Helpful tip: Click the “Export” button to convert the active business table to an Excel or CSV file. From there, you can keep your own record and easily sort the information to determine which clients to contact.


Use this information as an opportunity to check in with clients

Remember — the deadline to submit RMD requests is December 15, 2023. If a client is required to fulfill their RMD but doesn’t have it scheduled, reach out to them to ensure they avoid an IRS penalty.


Questions about RMDs or how to view the information on the Agent Gateway? Call EquiTrust Customer Service at 866-598-3692 or email [email protected].

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