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Newswire: Separate EquiTrust agent contract for life insurance line of business discontinued

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All EquiTrust products will be sold through one agent contract 

EquiTrust will no longer require a separate agent contract for annuity and life insurance products. As we are not currently offering a life insurance product, we’re taking the opportunity to simplify our contracting process. 

Agents and agencies who are contracted with us for life and annuity products today will now have one contract only through their annuity marketing organization. All business, including any active life policies, will be accessible through the same login credentials on the Agent Gateway (

Agents and agencies who hold only a life contract with EquiTrust will be terminated, but are eligible to recontract through a marketing organization of their choice. 

Unsure of which contract you have?
If you aren’t sure whether you have only a life contract or contracts for both life and annuity, please contact either the EquiTrust Sales Support team or the EquiTrust Agency team — contact information is listed below. 

An email will be sent in July providing the contractual information regarding the termination of your life contract or appointment.


Have questions about this contracting change? Please contact:


Sales Support


[email protected]


Agent Administration


[email protected]

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