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We're launching a new FNA form and beginning the transition to wizard-based E-Applications 

Begin using our new Financial Needs Analysis form

EquiTrust is introducing a new Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) form in AppBuilder for paper applications, wizard-based Firelight E-Applications (E-Apps) — see more below — and Bridge® applications. For paper apps, the new FNA form, ET2506 (07-23), will be required beginning Dec. 15.


Why refresh the FNA form?

The new FNA form:

  • Presents information in a logical order to ease the discussion
  • Can help you reduce not-in-good-order (NIGO) business and eliminate errors
  • Includes modified questions to help us obtain more pertinent, concrete responses
  • Helps cut down on state-specific versions — we’ll no longer have variations for CA and MA, just the generic and FL versions

Learn more about annuity suitability at EquiTrust by reviewing the updated Annuity Suitability Agent User Guide on the Agent Gateway.

New wizard-based E-Apps magically make your work easier

We’re starting the conversion of Firelight E-Apps from a forms-based approach to a streamlined wizard platform that’s more interactive. It uses questions to guide you through required responses, populating fields based on your answers — and it’s another way to reduce NIGOs!


We’ll begin the changeover with three products, MarketSeven Index®, Certainty Select® and Confidence Income®. Other products will transition in the coming months.


Application submission method

The table below details which methods of submission are available for EquiTrust products, as well as when the new FNA form is in use based on the product and how the app is submitted.

Application submission method 

Method of submission



Is the new FNA form in use?

Paper app

All products except Bridge

The new FNA form is required for applications received on or after Dec. 15.

Yes, it’s in AppBuilder now.

Firelight wizard

• MarketSeven Index

• Certainty Select

• Confidence Income


(We’ll transition the remainder of our products to wizard over the coming months.)

  • Dec. 1-15: Both forms-based and wizard platforms available
  • Dec. 15: Only wizard will be available to begin new apps
  • Dec. 31: Last day to submit application packets created with the forms-based Firelight platform

Yes, if you select the wizard platform, the new FNA will be used. If you select the forms-based platform, the previous version of the FNA form will be used (until Dec. 15). 

Bridge New Business & Illustration System


Application packets that are in the signing process can be signed and submitted. Applications that have not yet been completed for signing will require the FNA questions to be re-answered to map to the new FNA form.

Yes, the new FNA form is in the Bridge New Business & Illustration System now, and automatically used for any new applications started. 

What makes the new wizard process even sweeter? Our E-App special! Through year-end, earn $500 for each E-App submitted — up to $2,500!


Attention for MA business:

A new replacement form, ET-RPL-4900MA(07-23), is now required whenever the new FNA form is used for business written in Massachusetts. This means that for paper apps, it is required for apps received on Dec. 15 or later, as well as when the new FNA form is used prior to Dec. 15. This form is available on the Agent Gateway.


Want to know more about the new FNA form or the transition to the wizard E-App platform? Call Sales Support at 866-598-3694 or email [email protected].

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