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Sales Tip: 200% Muliplier on Income Rider - Unbeatable?


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Sales Tip

200% Income-Rider Multiplier … Unbeatable?


MarketValue Index Income Rider’s Rollup Beats 200% Multiplier + 10% Bonus for Most Index Strategies



Income Benefit Rider rollup designs are varied and evolve quickly. A design garnering attention recently utilizes a “multiplier”– where the rollup is based on the annuity contract’s annual credited rate, multiplied by a factor – commonly 200%. 


Sounds impressive…but how does it stack up against the MarketValue Index Income Rider? The MarketValue Income Rider Benefit Base rollup is based on 10% Benefit Base bonus on all first-year premium, compounded at 4% plus the credited rate – for up to 10 years.


Based on best, worst and most-recent 10-year benefit-base values over the past 20 years, the MarketValue Index rollup beats a 200% multiplier + 10% bonus for most index strategies during strong index periods...and for all index strategies during weak index periods. 


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*Partial withdrawals may have a surrender charge or market value adjustment, which could result in receiving less than the full premium.

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