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Sales Tip: Lifetime Income Plus Index Annuity Benefits


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Sales Tip

For Guaranteed Lifetime Income PLUS Index Annuity Benefits, Choose an Income Benefit Rider!


? Lifetime income without annuitizing

? Double income amounts for chronic illness

? Flexibility to stop and restart payments

? Other annuity benefits are maintained



Each EquiTrust Index Annuity features a unique income benefit rider that pays lifetime income even if the contract's Accumulation Value is depleted. And each rider design offers its own unique advantages.


Which income rider most closely matches your client’s objectives?


The “Profile” section of the income-rider comparison below helps differentiate how the various income riders may perform. Do your clients want income in the early years…or later? 

Alternate text

*This is the benefit-base bonus applied only to the income rider value – not to the contract’s accumulation value.

Competitive Income-Rider Features

  • Rider payments may be doubled for up to 5 years in the event of a chronic illness (up to 50% for joint owners); included at no additional cost.
  • Upon spousal continuation of lifetime payments, income continues even if Accumulation Value is depleted
  • Annual fee is based on the contract's Accumulation Value – not the faster-growing Benefit Base


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