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Sales Week: A premium bonus offers a retirement income head-start

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With a premium bonus, clients earn more right away

One way to help clients jumpstart a retirement income strategy is to offer up a fixed index annuity (FIA) with a premium bonus.

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What’s a bonus FIA?

EquiTrust’s bonus FIAs apply a percentage bonus to premium payments immediately. That amount becomes a permanent part of the annuity’s Accumulation Value. Interest and index credits are earned on the premium and the bonus.


EquiTrust offers three FIAs that include a bonus:

  • MarketPower Bonus Index® — 10% bonus on premiums paid during the first contract year
  • MarketTen Bonus Index® — 6% bonus on premiums paid during the first five contract years
  • MarketForce Bonus Index® — 8% bonus on premiums paid during the first contract year; this product is also a rate buy-up annuity

A bonus FIA can help your clients get a head-start on the annuity’s Accumulation Value, boost lifetime income payments and keep the bonus if the annuity is surrendered. Plus, 100% of the premium bonus is included in the annuity’s death benefit.

When does a premium bonus make sense?

Depending on the situation, a bonus FIA may be a good fit for a particular client. In other circumstances, a non-bonus annuity is a better option. For example, while rates may be higher1 on a non-bonus product, a premium bonus does offer strategic advantages in a variety of scenarios. Let's take a look at when each type of product typically makes sense.


A bonus product may make sense when

A non-bonus product may make sense when

  • The need for free withdrawals in the early contract years is high (for example, to use as a bridge to Social Security benefits)
  • There’s a need to offset low market performance or a low interest rate environment

  • Recovering from an underperforming product

  • Filling a retirement savings gap

  • The client wants longer-term accumulation
  • Other financial resources are available to cover unexpected liquidity needs

  • There’s an expectation of moderate to higher index performance

See a bonus vs. non-bonus growth comparison.


Bonus vs non flyer

Want to talk through a particular case to see if a bonus or non-bonus product is a good fit? Call us at (866) 598-3694.

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1 Bonus fixed index annuities generally have lower rates than non-bonus FIAs, and therefore, lower long-term earning potential.


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