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Sales Week: Diversification helps clients get the most from their FIA

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Allocating premium using varied crediting strategies is key 

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Have you talked with your clients about how a fixed index annuity (FIA) can help them grow their retirement savings through the power of diversification? Now, during National Annuity Awareness Month, is a perfect time to focus on reaping the benefits of an FIA.

FIAs have the potential to earn interest based on the performance of a variety of indices, and several crediting strategies are available. A good mix can help deliver your clients the earnings they need to achieve their retirement objectives.

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A variety of crediting strategies

Not all accounts perform the same through varying market cycles. That’s why allocating premium among a variety of strategies — and indices — can lead to more steady overall performance. Knowing how each strategy performs in particular market environments can help facilitate conversations with your clients.

With an FIA, interest credits will never be less than zero.

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How do different strategies perform historically?

Check out how EquiTrust’s available crediting strategies performed over time on some of our index options.


Upcoming webinars

In June, EquiTrust will be focusing on diversification, crediting strategies and our available indices.

The power of diversification

Wed., June 7 at 10:00 a.m. Central

The ins and outs of the Barclays Focus50 Index

Leelee Panno of Barclays

Thurs., June 15 at 2:00 p.m. Central

Leveraging S&P indices on EquiTrust fixed index annuities

Ryan Lange of S&P Dow Jones Indices

Thurs., June 29 at 10:00 a.m. Central


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Want to learn more about helping your clients clients maximize the effectiveness of an FIA? Call us at (866) 598-3694.

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