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Sales Week: FIAs can shield clients from market losses

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Offer confidence in the future — with an EquiTrust FIA

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It’s no secret the markets have their ups and downs. And as your clients approach retirement, they may be wondering if those fluctuations could impact their retirement goals. 


If your clients feel uncertain, you can provide a solution. Fixed index annuities (FIAs) from EquiTrust come with built-in downside protection.


When it comes to achieving their retirement dreams, your clients want their income to be safe. Give them a solution that protects their principal during times of market loss but grows their Accumulation Value when the market booms.

Dips in the market can significantly impact the financial goals of your clients. In fact, a 25% market loss will require a 33% market return just to break even.1

Use this piece with clients to show downside protection in action throughout a 20-year historical example.



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Now accepting up to $2 million in premium per client without prior exception approval

Effective immediately, we will now accept up to $2 million in premium per client without home office approval. This applies to all products except Bridge®. Have questions? Call Sales Support at 866-598-3694.

Upcoming webinar

The power of diversification

Wed., June 7, 2023

10:00 a.m. Central


To learn more about how you can help your clients protect their retirement dreams with an EquiTrust FIA, call us at (866) 598-3694.

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1 Saito-Chug, David; "Still the no. 1 rule for stock market investors: Always cut your losses short"; Investor's Business Daily;; accessed 5/22/2023.


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