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Sales Week: Guaranteed accumulation, high issue age on a 5-yr FIA — Check out MarketFive Index™

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MarketFive IndexTM is ideal for short-term accumulation and so much more


MarketFive IndexTM, our new 5-year fixed index annuity, is available now. Start the conversation with these product highlights:

  • 105% Guaranteed Accumulation Value — At the end of the surrender charge period, the Accumulation Value is guaranteed to be at least 105% of premium, less any withdrawals.
  • Issue age up to 90 —  This product can be issued all the way up to (and including) age 90.

  • Strong accumulation rates — Fixed Rate of
    5.00% and 1-Year S&P Pt-to-Pt Cap rate of 10.00%.

  • MYGA alternative —  Strong rates, flexible withdrawals and more account options make MarketFive IndexTM a viable alternative to a Multi-Year Guarantee Annuity (MYGA).

  • Roth IRA conversion —  MarketFive IndexTM is an ideal vehicle for a Roth IRA conversion, which could help your clients optimize their tax strategy for retirement.

For more information about the advantages of MarketFive IndexTM, download the Competitive Advantages flyer. And register today for the upcoming webinar linked below.

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Upcoming webinar

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MarketFive IndexTM — Distinct advantages to build into your sales strategy

Join us to go beyond the basics of MarketFive IndexTM. Learn what sets it apart, and how it allows you to provide solutions to meet a wider range of client objectives.

Wed., Aug. 16
10:00 a.m. Central


Want to talk through how to position MarketFive IndexTM to your clients?
Call us at 866-598-3694.

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