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MarketMax Index Annuity


EXTRA Growth Potential From
Rate Buy-Up Index Accounts


Free shipping. Free WiFi. We all like FREE.  


So why pay a Rate Buy-Up fee on an index annuity? The short answer is...for the higher cap and participation rates.  


But, is the higher potential gain worth the additional fee?


Historical Lookback

In years that the S&P 500 Index produces positive results, the results are typically strong. Capturing a larger portion of the Index growth helps accumulation-focused clients.


Consider the MarketMax Index Annuity’s 12% cap rate on the S&P 500 Point-to-Point Cap fee-based account, and this historical review. Based on annual Point-to-Point returns for each issue date since 1/1/80 and through 6/1/22, the following statistics apply:

  • 78.6% of the time, the S&P 500 Index achieved a positive return
  • 16.9% average S&P 500 Index return when the index return was positive
  • 49.3% of the time, S&P 500 Index returns would’ve met or exceeded a 12% cap rate (before fees)

Overcoming the Bear-Market Blues

Some clients may be concerned about further market declines this year and the annual fee dipping into accumulation value. 


Here’s a Solution: Allocate a portion to the 1-Year Fixed Rate Account to cover the annual fee.


At the current rate of 4.0% on the 1-Year Fixed Rate Account, allocating 20% of the total premium will cover the 1% fee for the other 80% directed to rate buy-up index accounts. This is not a long-term strategy, but may help clients get off the sidelines and put their money to work. 


MarketMax Index Annuity

Impressive cap and participation rates are available in exchange for the 1% annual fee on the allocations to Rate Buy-Up Accounts, plus EquiTrust has a strong commitment to renewal rate integrity.

1-Yr Interest

No-Fee Index Accounts

S&P 500 1-Yr Pt-to-Pt Cap

MARC 5% 1-Yr Pt-to-Pt Part

Rate Buy-Up Accounts

S&P 500 1-Yr Pt-to-Pt Cap

S&P 500 1-Yr Pt-to-Pt Part

Focus50 1-Yr Pt-to-Pt Part

MARC 5% 1-Yr Pt-to-Pt Part 










  • 10-Year Design
  • 4 Rate Buy-Up Accounts, 2 No-Fee Index Accounts, 1-Year Interest Account
  • S&P 500 and Risk-Control Indices
  • Annual Fee Fixed for Life of Contract
  • Full Commission for All Issue Ages 0-80
  • 10% Free Withdrawals After First Year
  • Nursing Home Waiver and Terminal Illness Rider


Sales Resources


“Fee” is NOT a four-letter word! The potential growth advantage may FAR exceed the fee!


Questions? Call Sales Support
866-598-3694 or visit
the Agent Website at


Contract issued on Form Series ICC12-ET-EIA-2000(01-12) or ET-EIA-2000(06-04). Riders issued on Form Series ICC17-ET-FIXED-MVA(02-17) or ET-IMVA(03-16); ICC18-430-NHW(06-18) or 430-NHW(08-03); ICC16-ET-TI(10-16) or ET-TI(10-16). Index accounts issued on Form Series ICC19-ET-P2P(05-19) or ET-P2P(05-19); ICC19-ET-P2P-F(05-19) or ET-P2P-F(05-19); ICC19-ET-1PP-F(05-19) or ET-1PP-F(05-19); and ICC19-ET-1PP(05-19) or ET-1PP(05-19). EquiTrust does not offer investment advice to any individual or agent/producer and this material should not be construed as investment advice. Products underwritten and issued by EquiTrust Life Insurance Company, West Des Moines, Iowa. Products distributed by EquiTrust Insurance Marketing Services; in California doing business as EQT Insurance Marketing Services.
For Producer Use Only.





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