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Sales Week: Risk Control Index Added to Two Index Annuities


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Sales Tip

Stable Growth with

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S&P MARC 5% Excess Return Index
Added to MarketPower Bonus Index & MarketTen Bonus Index Annuities


All four EquiTrust index annuities now feature accounts linked to the S&P MARC 5% Excess Return Index. 


S&P MARC 5% Excess Return Index

  • Appeals to clients who wish to diversify beyond equities, and seek more consistent annual credits
  • Seeks multi-asset diversification within a simple risk-weighting framework of three asset-class indices: equities, commodities, and fixed income
  • 1-Year Point-to-Point Participation Account
  • Client-Use Video – Click Here
  • Client-Use Flyer – Click Here

History of Consistent Results

Raw index results



The addition of S&P MARC 5% ER Index to MarketPower Bonus Index and MarketTen Bonus Index was effective 5/17/21. Revised Disclosure Statements dated 05-21 are on AppBuilder and E-App now, and must be used in order to elect the new accounts. The 05-21 Disclosure Statements are required for all applications beginning 6/17/21. 


Revised Sales Materials – Order Supplies Now

MarketPower Bonus Index and MarketTen Bonus Index client brochures and agent guides dated 5-21 reflect the addition of S&P MARC 5% ER Index. Order supplies at, Order Supplies link – click here; login is required. To view the revised All-Product Summary, click here



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