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SALES WEEK: Sales Tip – Climbing the Retirement Mountain


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Sales Tip

Climbing the

Retirement Mountain



Retirement planning is much like climbing up and down a mountain. Climbing up is your client’s working and saving period, while climbing down is creating income from accumulated savings.


For the baby-boom generation now in or near retirement, many have the luxury of two retirement-income sources. Social Security payments combined with pension income give this group a strong income base.


These days, the responsibility to build retirement security falls more heavily on the individual.  Employers are discontinuing pension plans – and instead, encouraging employees to participate in employer-sponsored savings plans, like 401(k).   


The elimination of pension plans means larger sums of retirement assets are needed to generate the needed income in retirement.


Combined Challenge: Accumulation and Income

EquiTrust helps you serve BOTH phases of climbing up and down the retirement mountain…with strong, client-friendly accumulation products as well as competitive income solutions.




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