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SALES WEEK: Sales Tip – No More Market Corrections!


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Sales Tip

No More Market Corrections!


Market corrections (10% loss or more) occur every 1.84 years,

and last an average of 188 days.*


Index annuity owners are exempt from market corrections!



For clients in or near retirement who own stocks or mutual funds, market corrections can have a severe impact on their retirement security.


Recovering from a market correction requires a greater percentage increase than the correction itself.  This chart shows the recovery percentages necessary for various market-loss percentages. For example, after a 25% market loss, an original $100,000 investment now has a value of $75,000; the rate of return needed to grow $75,000 to $100,000 is 33.3% (100,000 ÷ 75,000 – 1 = 33.3%).

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Share This Chart with Your Clients

This powerful chart is available with a client-use flyer; click here.


Eliminate the Stress of Market Loss

An index annuity allows you to offer your clients index-linked upside potential, with downside protection. Index credits will never be less than zero. 


Do index-annuity owners get all the upside? No. But when you remove the downside, a portion of the upside – through a cap or participation rate – provides a competitive rate of return!


EquiTrust Index Annuities

Learn more about the competitive, client friendly index annuity offerings, click here.



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*S&P 500 since 1950. Source: The Motley Fool; October 10, 2020.

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