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SALES WEEK: Webinar – How to Identify and Energize Your Clients’ Dusty Money


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Sales Tip

Energize Your Clients'

Dusty Money


Create greater value from

underutilized assets


Dusty Money Webinar!

February 23 – Register Below



Do your clients have any Dusty Money?


“Dusty Money” is a term describing underutilized or underperforming assets…which, if repositioned, can be energized to help meet financial objectives sooner.


How much sooner?  Improving your clients’ rates of return by a few percentage points can trim their financial time horizons by several years!



Current Value: $100,000

Objective: Double the value to $200,000

Current Rate of Return: 2%

Years to Double: 24 years

New Rate of Return: 6%

Years to Double: 12 years


Double Your Money: Rule of 72

A calculation to determine the rate of return needed to double an investment.

72 ÷ Interest Rate = Years to Double


Annual Growth Rate / Years to Double

1% – 72 Years

2% – 36 Years

3% – 24 Years

4% – 18 Years

5% – 14.4 Years

6% – 12 Years

7% – 10.3 Years

8% – 9 Years

9% – 8 Years

10% – 7.2 Years

Dusty Money Webinar

Learn more about how to identify your clients’ Dusty Money, and strategies of how to energize those assets.

February 23rd

2:00 PM Central Time

Register Below


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