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SALES WEEK: Webinars on Accumulation-Focused Index Annuities; Sales Tip on MarketTen Bonus ROP Guarantee


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Sales Tip

MarketTen Bonus Index

Features a

Return of Premium Guarantee


A growth-seeking solution for skittish clients in unsettled times



Concerns about job security, income stability, liquidity and the markets have pushed many clients to a “wait-and-see” perspective. 


Help your clients get back on track by offering index-linked growth and a return of premium guarantee. 


MarketTen Bonus Index Annuity

10-year design

6% premium bonus – premiums added first 5 years; no vesting

Stock and risk-control index options

Income Rider available

6% MGA commission


Return of Premium Guarantee: In the event of a full surrender, the owner will receive no less than the paid premium, less any partial withdrawals taken.


Return of Premium – Client Benefits

Protection against unexpected financial needs or emergencies

Satisfaction in the purchase decision

• Confidence in the carrier


Return of Premium – Agent Benefits

• Product differentiation with competitors

• Helps overcome objections to surrender charges

• Flexibility to offer multiple product features


If your clients seek …

• Growth from a shorter (7-year) index annuity available for higher (85) issue ages, or

• A guaranteed accumulation value of 107% after year 7

Tell them about MarketSeven Index® Annuity



• MarketTen Bonus Index Agent Guide

• MarketTen Bonus Index Client Brochure

Index Annuity Sales Presentation

Annuity Products Summary


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