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Sales Week: When plans change course, offer retirement income sooner

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Help clients access their income when they need it

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Your clients look to you for guidance when it comes to creating a strategy for the future. And when they think about retirement, they might assume they won't need to start receiving income until their retirement date. However, no matter how far your clients think ahead, they may need to access their income sooner than they envisioned.
You can help your clients plan for the unexpected. Here are a few reasons your clients may need to take income sooner, and solutions EquiTrust offers to make it possible.


Close the gap before starting Social Security benefits or satisfy Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs). 


1. If your clients own an EquiTrust fixed index annuity, talk with them about using money from their 10% penalty-free withdrawals of the Accumulation Value each year after the first contract year, whether as a source of income or to satisfy RMDs.

2. Your clients can use the split annuity strategy to receive income now and income later by purchasing both an immediate and a deferred annuity.

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Manage expenses incurred by a nursing home stay or due to a terminal illness

1. The Nursing Home Waiver provides the client access to their annuity’s Accumulation Value (AV) — without surrender charges or Market Value Adjustment — if they're confined to a nursing home or hospital for 90 days or more.

2. The Terminal Illness Rider gives the client access to a percentage of the annuity’s AV at no charge if they’re diagnosed with a terminal illness.


Cover costs associated with a chronic illness

Use products with an Income Benefit Rider to guarantee your clients a lifetime stream of income. Plus, in the event of chronic illness, Enhanced Income Withdrawals double the amount of the income payments for up to five years.

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To learn more about how you can help your clients access their income, call us at (866) 598-3694.

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