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Security Upgrade – Agent Gateway Website: Delegate Accounts for Your Support Team


Agent Gateway Website Upgrade: Delegate Accounts For Your Support Team


Secure your business and client confidential information while preparing for coming website enhancements

Now is the time to create Delegate Accounts so each of your support staff have personalized, secure access to the Agent Gateway website.


It’s simple. After you register and login to your personal account as a contracted producer, you may then submit Delegate Account requests for each of your support staff. 


YOU control the online data to which your delegates have access – including Commissions, My Business, Illustrations and Pending/Active Agents.


Additional website enhancements designed to simplify how you submit EquiTrust business are coming soon – including Upload A Doc.

IMPORTANT: In order for your support team to utilize these enhancements on your behalf, each user must have a unique, secured login to the Agent Gateway Website. Shared passwords will no longer be compatible. 

Ready to get Started?

  • After login to your secured Agent Gateway Website account, click on your user name in the upper right corner to open your Agent Account Profile
  • Click on the Add Delegates tab
  • Enter name and email address for a delegate
  • Designate the Permissions for delegate access
  • When finished, click on Save Permissions 


What’s Next?

  • Your delegate will receive an email, with a secured link and instructions to register the
    Delegate Account. 
  • The delegate will chose one of two authentication methods: text message security code or authentication app security code. Authentication is necessary to perform certain functions on the Agent Gateway Website.


What Else?

You may manage your Delegate Accounts at any time: add new delegates, delete existing delegates, change permissions, or initiate a delegate’s password reset. 


Complete Instructions

For more details to establish Delegate Accounts for your support team, click here.


Questions? Call Sales Support
at 866-598-3694 or email [email protected]


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