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You spoke, and we listened! WealthMax Bonus Life and WealthHorizon Life are back!


Growth linked to the S&P 500® and 2 volatility-control indices, with downside protection!


WealthMax Bonus Life

5% Premium Bonus – No Vesting

Return of Premium Guarantee

MGA Commission: 8.0% ages 45-75, 7.5% ages 76-80. Trail Options!


WealthHorizon Life

Higher Rates for Greater Accumulation

Higher Face Amounts

MGA Commission: 9.0% ages 45-75, 8.5% ages 76-80. Trail Options!


Volatility-Control Indices, from Barclays and S&P

Barclays Focus50 Index

Seeks growth opportunities while limiting volatility through exposure to a dynamic combination of U.S. stocks and U.S. Treasury Indices. Low Volatility U.S. stocks are used because, historically, they have tended to outperform other, higher volatility stocks, on a risk-adjusted basis. The addition of Treasuries adds a diversification benefit and a potential reduction in risk. To further control risk, the index aims to limit its annual volatility to a 5% target. For more information on this index, visit Indices.Barclays/Focus50, ticker: BXIIF50E. Client-Use Video Coming Soon!


S&P MARC 5% Excess Return Index

Seeks multi-asset diversification within a simple risk weighting framework, tracking three underlying component indices that represent three asset classes: equities, commodities, and fixed income. S&P MARC 5% Excess Return Index is dynamically rebalanced between the three indices and the cash component to target a 5% level of volatility. For more information on this index, visit, ticker: SPMARC5. Watch Client-Use Video!


UnderWRITE-NOW Processing – Point-of-Sale! Watch Video!

Underwriting decisions are made at the point-of-sale, at the conclusion of a telephone interview with you and your client! Complete the sale in one sitting, without underwriting delays.IMPORTANT:You must be present with your client during the telephone interview.
Watch UnderWRITE-NOWProcessing Video.

Use E-Applications for Even FASTER Processing! Watch Video!
• Simplify and speed-up the application process
• Avoid copying redundant information form after form
• Minimize errors and not-in-good-order apps
Watch E-AppVideo


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