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Effective immediately!

Producers and IMO partners may fax annuity applications to EquiTrust.


New-Business Fax Number: 515-226-5103


Important ID Requirement: A copy ofthe client's photo ID is required on all faxed applications and application copies submitted by mail. Acceptable forms of ID include:

• Driver License

• State-issued ID

• Passport

• Resident Alien ID


The ID requirement does not apply to original applications submitted by mail, or to E-Apps.


Tips for Submitting Faxed Annuity Apps

• The copy of the client's ID must be clear and legible; illegible copies are not accepted.

• Keep original app and documents for your records; do notALSO submit originals by mail.

• If fax is confirmed, do not resend; allow a couple days processing time.

• Be certain all documents are transmitted successfully; if not, mark "Resend" on cover page,
and send again.

• Other non-fax delivery processes are still in effect: E-Apps and mailed apps. (Emailed apps
are not accepted)


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