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Newswire: WV and WY adopt revised NAIC Model Regulation – Updated training requirements


West Virginia and Wyoming adopt revised NAIC Suitability Model Regulation


The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) revised the Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation 275 in February 2020. West Virginia and Wyoming now join a growing number of states that have adopted the Regulation. 


Revisions to the Model Regulation include:

  • Insurance producers and companies must act with a heightened standard of care in the solicitation and sale of annuities. 
  • Producers must act in the “best interest” of their customers. 
  • The best-interest standard is met by satisfying four distinct levels of obligation:
    • Care
    • Disclosure
    • Conflict of interest
    • Documentation 
  • Insurers must establish and maintain a system of supervision to assure that the insurance needs and financial objectives of customers are effectively met at the time of the sale.  

Click here for more details.


How to comply with the revised Model Regulation in West Virginia and Wyoming 

To solicit and sell annuities in West Virginia and Wyoming, producers must comply with regulations adopted by their state insurance departments. Producers doing business in West Virginia and Wyoming are now required to complete General Annuity Training CE. 


The revisions to the Model Regulation require completion of EITHER a 1-hour General Annuity Training CE course available to producers who have taken the previous NAIC Annuity Suitability training, OR a new 4-hour General Annuity Training CE for those who have not taken it previously. General Annuity Training CE must be completed with a training vendor approved by the applicable state insurance department. 


General Annuity Continuing Education (CE)

  • Access to approved vendors, training dates, times and fees are available for each state as follows:
    • West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner — click here.

    • Wyoming Department of Insurance — click here.
  • You must fulfill your General Annuity Training requirement and provide a certificate of completion to EquiTrust prior to soliciting or selling. Send by FAX to 515-226-5102, or email: [email protected].
  • For information about General Annuity Training vendors, visit In the upper right corner, click Agent Training. Or, click here.


Carrier Product Training – No additional or new requirement 

To complete EquiTrust Annuity Product Training, visit, then click Agent Training in the upper right corner. Or, click here. You may view your personal training history upon login to the Agent Gateway website. 


Avoid potential business delays

Applications received without completion of EquiTrust carrier-specific product training and state-required General Annuity Training CE will not be accepted.



Training completion deadlines


West Virginia

Original General Annuity Training

Newly State Licensed            07/01/2011

Currently State Licensed       12/31/2011

2020 Update General Annuity Training

Newly State Licensed          06/08/2023

Currently State Licensed     12/08/2023


Original General Annuity Training

Newly State Licensed            09/26/2014

Currently State Licensed       03/26/2015

2020 Update General Annuity Training

Newly State Licensed          07/05/2023

Currently State Licensed     01/05/2024

Training requirements by state

To see the most current status for each state’s adoption, as well as deadlines for completing CE training for both newly licensed and currently licensed agents, visit, then click Agent Training in the upper right corner. Or, click here. You will be notified as additional states adopt the new training requirements.

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