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Income Benefit Rider

Each EquiTrust index annuity features a unique Income Benefit Rider (IBR) that pays lifetime income even if the contract's Accumulation Value is depleted.

Competitive Rollup Designs

The Benefit Base is equal to all premiums and premium bonuses (if applicable), less withdrawals, compounded at a defined rate, for either 7 or 10 years. The faster the Benefit Base accumulates, the greater the income.

IBR bonus
Rollup design and rates
Profile Benefit Base + rollup result in
8% up to 10 years
8% up to 10 years
Stackable: 3% + Interest/Index Credits up to 10 years
7% up to 7 years
Strong guaranteed income in later years
Strong guaranteed income in later years
Strong non-guaranteed income
Strong guaranteed income in all years
Competitive IBR Features
  • Available for Inherited IRAs
  • Rider payments may be doubled for up to five years in the event of a chronic illness (up to 50% for joint owners); included at no additional cost
      • No confinement required –two of six activities of daily living (ADLs)
      • Also applied to permanent cognitive impairment
      • Withdrawals may continue even if the Accumulation Value is depleted
      • Approved in all states
        • Upon spousal continuation of lifetime payments with single life payout, income is recalculated based on spouse age and continues for their life
        • Annual fee is based on the contract's Accumulation Value – not the faster-growing Benefit Base


Income Benefit Rider (IBR) Comparison Heatmap

IBR Fee Structure

IBR Competitor Comparison

Competitive IBR Flyer

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